~ * ( ~ * Quasar Stabilization * ~ ) * ~


What do we know? What do I know? I don’t know.

Are they ready? Are we ready? I don’t know, I don’t know.

Peacefully relax, into the essence of harmonious love and light and openly appreciate (respect) the vibrational alignment.

Please receive this music created by our harmonious brother “Logic“, a magnificent instrument for transcendent contact with the Yahyel. (Those who come first – ET)

*** ^^^ Did you click/tap on it yet? ^^^ ***

Love Spheres

I know that when I was officially studying Software Engineering in college during my phase at Iowa State University (2013 ~ 2014); however as an avid hobby, I would collaborate with great minds, leading me into a deeper science of quantum physics as we explored the realm of infinity. Here I became a pledge to the largest college fraternity (unknowingly). I then became the treasurer of my class, followed by becoming an official brother. sworn to secrecy at the Gamma Lambda chapter of the Fraternity Kappa Sigma; a previously lost era within my consciousness in which I committed to Excellence. Here, we took an oath to live in alignment with the Four Pillars; Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service.  An experience that I rejoice victoriously in synchronistic hallelujahs and Divine blessings.

Kappa Sigma 4 pillars

During my experience here, I stumbled upon an experience in which I became aware of a transcendent orb/sphere/disc of light within my consciousness.

  • It was unclear if it was within my being, or outside of my being; however it is clear now with an objective lens; I’ve come to understand that it was/is both simultaneously.

Flash forward, and it has become increasingly aware to me that this was my first physically perceived experience of contact with an Extra-Terrestrial source. (Unbeknownst to me that this even occurred, until later speculation)


Star and Crescent Color

“The Star and Crescent shall not be worn by every man, but only by him who is worthy to wear it. He must be a gentleman… a man of honor and courage… a man of zeal, yet humble… an intelligent man… a man of truth… one who tempers action with wisdom and, above all else, one who walks in the light of God.”

So many synchronicities are pulsing through my being at this moment, in a euphoric array of cosmic bliss; an Aurora of Christed, Arch-Angelic Divinity, if you will.

  • [1~3] Red Moon [3~1] (Blood Moon: Primal/Framework Core) symbolizing Epsilon (an arbitrarily small positive quantity in mathematical analysis) – The resonance of lightless Red *alone*; is a dangerous path I would not recommend anyone seeking true enlightenment (Absolute Wisdom: Infinite-Intelligence) or true empowerment (God/Goddess-Nature: Unconditional-Love) to venture. (Unless you are consciously exploring the realms of separation to envelop a greater degree of richness.)
    • (And of course, this channel of expression is used to expand/grant/bless Absolute-Energetic-Mastery to All (Lucid Wraith/Raiths/Quasi-Physical Nature: Not to be confused with Wrath).
      • I’ve noticed that there isn’t the clearest of definitions readily available for what is meant by the word/definition of “Wraith/Raith”. However, I’ll most likely go into further expansion on what is meant by this.
        • Wraith/Raith –> Ghost/Specter/Spectre –> Phantasm –>
          • Let’s Co-Create a collective bubble definition of what this word means in context to this informational source.
            • Raith: Master of All parallel realities. The master of All Creation.
            • Reference: The Five Levels of Mastery from a weekend with Willa 
              • Stage 1) Cryptic
              • Stage 2) Nocturnal
              • Stage 3) Shapeshift
              • Stage 4) Sage
              • Stage 5) Wraith/Raith
                • We’ll go into this further in another blog post 😉
    • Let’s call this level 1 existence.
      • Pure experience. (Lava / Fire / Rocks / Earth / Groundedness)
        • 1-Dimensional
          • Survival
          • Existence
          • Being



As you imagine and experience yourself at the center of these three moons gravitating around you, you will find yourself at complete balance to transcend into the higher vibrational realms.

  • At this point you will enter the fourth dimension; now realizing that you are actually the 3-Dimensional physical reality that you previously perceived yourself to exist within.
  • Also, begin to notice the natural experience of beautiful synchronicities. Use the power of allowance to grant yourself the ability to passively receive balance from these three moons.


When it comes to you; don’t be blind. Red, Green, Blue.


Welcome to the Fourth-Dimension of magical love.

The sages welcome us.


For those that are seeking the resonance of the highest order of Freemasonry, allow for this to be your gateway.

Star and Crescent light

Welcome to the 33rd degree.

The highest masonic order.

Christ Consciousness.



Who would have known that this journey would have led me here? Transforming me from curious, to an open-minded indoctrinated Christian (Lutheran), to agnostic, to atheist, to scientist, back to agnostic, to hopeless and isolated, to hope, to reunion, to faith, to a being with reverence, to enlightenment, to empowerment, to ministry, to disempowerment, to impatience, to death, and back up the ladder where we all belong; as transcendent masters of energy. A humbling journey life is.



Now that you’ve entered the fourth-dimension, allow me to exercise my joy of being a sage, and I ask of you to receive this blessing as a token of our appreciation for being you.

Yes, you. Right where you are; right here, and right now.

Within your collective resonance, at THIS VERY MOMENT, exists a benevolent Extra-Terrestrial entity.

His name is Bashar.

  • Meaning: messenger of good news.

This entity is being trans-channeled by a kind and compassionate man who goes by the name of Daryl Anka. Daryl has trained himself to effortlessly enter a frequency known as “Gamma”; in which he becomes a receptive antenna for higher consciousness.

Open the doors and receive the Celestial Resonance

Celestial Wave

Whether you believe that this guide exists or not, will not affect the information that you receive. For this bearer of good news will share with you wisdom, describing the structure of existence.


This is an Extra-Terrestrial being that I manifested from my subconscious mind during my curious and wondrous experience at Iowa State University; physicalizing itself into my external reality.

( I would consider this experience as “Alien”, speaking from the perspective of my previous perception in that biologically-original now-moment)


Are you ready to receive the blessed wisdom describing the structure of existence?

Christmas scene

Law #1 ) You (we) exist.

  • If we exist, we will always exist. We may change form, however, our essence is primordial and eternal.  Simply put, by *DEFINITION* : Existence =/ (does not equal) \= Non-existence.

Law #2 ) Everything is here and now.

  • By observing this law, we can clearly examine with an elevated state of awareness that life experience is merely our consciousness shifting its perspective through an infinite void of parallel reality frames that all exist right here and right “now”. (Take your time to fully absorb this if you need to. We are where we are, and if we want to experience stable and flawless conscious shifting through infinity, we must come to the understanding of this viscerally.)
  • I like to imagine a Sun (The core of existence symbolically); where this Sun is the Godhead of infinite potential. (For more of a terrestrial approach, I suggest envisioning/imagining the conception of the big bang.)
    • Expanding from this “Godhead Sun” is all of the infinite potentials that are derived from infinity’s ultra-explosion.
      • Where every perspective that we choose to focus our vision on, is each to itself, its own perspective of the grand holistic picture/essence of the “Godhead Sun”. (However, let’s simplify this and name this Godhead Sun “All that is”.)
      • Envision a Grand-Scale picture, where some perspectives may be lightyears, even dimensions, infinitely far from the totality of the original master-explosion.
        • This is us, here on “Earth”. However, even this, is a grand illusion. For when we meditate to the extent of lucidity on the structure of existence; we will always come to the conclusion that it is, again, our consciousness focused on a seamless array of parallel “now”s in each and every moment. In fact, our consciousness is so powerful, it’s shifting through billions of parallel reality frames in each and every second. (The tick of physical reality can be observed as the “Planck length”.)
          • Yes, we choose* to shift in alignment with this collective agreement of the “forward arrow of time”, to create a sense of continuity for ourselves. However, we will only experience Now, Now, and Now. Past, present, future, are all just Now, Now, Now. (If you want a melodic jam to resonate with, I recommend this song (Don Diablo – Momentum)

Law #3 ) The “All” is the “One”, and the “One” is the “All”

  • We are all the product of infinity; meaning, we are infinity in its perfected expression. You see, infinity has nothing else to make anything out besides raw infinite potential because that is all that actually exists.
  • For us scientists out there, we can use the euphemism of what is referred to as the “Prime Radiant”.
    • This being, a particle/substance/energy that has INFINITE POTENTIAL. Meaning, that it can move at infinite speeds. Meaning that it can appear next to itself simultaneously. (Welcome to creation 101) <3.
      • Fast forward, and you have everything created within existence. INSTANTLY and IMMEDIATELY. For this is the power of INFINITE POTENTIAL. (Sorry about the caps, we just need to ground this into totality in order for us to shift to a more empowering Earth that is in alignment without true preferences.)
        • This is the “trick” if you will. For, in essence, we really aren’t creating anything.. (Que the anti-climatic drum-roll)…
          • Yeah.. All we are really doing is shifting the light of our infinite consciousness through billions of parallel and static realities. (How unromantic… However, perception creates experience, which is reality, so we can make the most of it. [We can call this sexy 2.0 😉 ] ).
  • This meaning that You and I (we) are everything. I am you, you are me. (flashback/forward to the Rush Hour 3 scene)
    • (
      ) ~ Remember, enlightenment is all about “lightening” up :).
      • This is a key understanding to ground (as are all of the LAWS of existence [ For these are derived from the structure, and applies to ALL universes and dimensions ] )
        • Meaning, we are the keyboard, the lamps, the floors, the walls, the grass, earth, water, fire; EVERYTHING.
          • Everything within existence is created from light, vibrating in certain resonate patterns (call this frequency).
            • I enjoy playing a game in which I consciously shift my perspective from my physical being, to anything else, including with what appears to be inanimate objects. (Try it out, it’s fun) Play with it and you will begin to experience a whole new level of awareness, enlightenment, and empowerment holistically.
            • The more we allow ourselves to have conversations with other perspectives of existence (even if it’s just play/pretend), we can really learn a lot about ourselves, others, interpersonal relationships, and a whole plethora of joyous abundance expanding our wisdom in relation to existence itself.
            • Begin to expand your relationships with the elements (manifestations of earth, air, fire, water) – This is a necessity if you want to stabilize your inter-dimensional shifting. (Perhaps I’ll go into a further explanation of what each element has to offer, as well as the grounded importance of each of them in another post. (Be sure to join the Facebook group and send pure positive loving feedback:) )

Law #4 ) What you put out is what you get back (Energetic Physics)

  • Many of us are coming to this realization, as we are being ushered into this “new-age” movement of benevolent wisdom from the masters that have walked the paths before us. Call it “Law of Attraction”.Sit down, be humbleshucks

Oh stop itdude what

  • I love calling this the law of “Resonance and Reflection”, as it serves as a more precise and accurate definition of the mechanics of what is happening for me personally.
    • This gets pretty in-depth, so put grab some hot chocolate, some popcorn, and some warm and fuzzy blankets, because it’s about to get real.minion movie party

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